Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Zookeeper's Wife

I read this book quite a few years ago. And when my son, Zach was in school and had to do a World War II book report I told him about it and gave it to him to read. Then when my girls were in High School and it came time for them to do this same assignment, I gave The Zookeeper's Wife to Lexi, and to Erica I gave what was to become one of her all time favorite books; The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom. I don't tend to read a lot of Historical books, but when I do, I like the World War II Era, for both Historical Fiction and Non Fiction. And this is a really good story. It's a true story of Zookeepers who hid over 300 Jewish people in their bombed out Zoo in Warsaw, Poland, even while having it occupied by the military, thus saving their lives.

I was so excited when this Movie Trailer came out and I've wanted to see it since it came out. But not being a big "blockbuster", not all theaters carried it, and the closest theaters to my house were not showing it. We tried to squeeze it in over Easter weekend, but it didn't work out. So we had picked a weekday evening that neither of my girls worked, which doesn't happen often, but I ended up with a migraine. Then this weekend, we decided we were going! So after my girls got off work on Saturday, we drove from Gilbert to a theater in Mesa to see it, only to be told, there were only 8 seats left for the showing, and of course they couldn't guarantee we'd find 4 seats together, or not in the front row, etc. Um, no thank you. We couldn't help but wonder if maybe we're not supposed to see this film! But I really wanted to. So we tried one last time. Sunday evening we drove back to the theater in Mesa, and Finally got admittance into the Zoo! :) The book by Diane Ackerman, is based on the translated journals of Antonia Zabinska, and isn't always easy to follow, or really well written. But it is such a great story, that deserves to be told! The movie is visually stunning. And yes, this is one of the extremely rare instances in which the Movie happens to be even better than the Book! That's right, I said it!! 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Exciting News!

 Come August here in Arizona, this little snowman will be long gone. 
But there will be a new little Forbis joining our Family! 
That's right. I will become a "Glam-ma!" 😊 
We are so excited and couldn't be happier! 
Congratulations Zach & Kendra!! ❤️

We as a Family have been sitting on some very Exciting News! If you've read my Christmas Letter  you would know what I asked Santa for, we'll my wish is being granted. :) On Jan. 2nd, we Skyped with our son, Zach, and daughter in law, Kendra, and they let us know they are expecting! I screamed! My Girls cried! We are all so excited! My Husband and I, now with two married children, have been looking forward to this next step in life of having Grandchildren.


They wanted to wait till they were beyond the first trimester to make it public, so as the time neared, we planned a day trip up to Flagstaff, Arizona. Since Zach & Kendra live in Page and the rest of us are in the Phoenix area, this is about half way for us. We got to sled and play in the snow and have dinner together. It was a great day! Our goal was to take some Pictures we could use to announce our happy news. My Niece went up with us and was taking our family picture around a little snow man we built, and jokingly said "This looks like a Baby Announcement!" We all laughed hysterically, then let her in on our secret! I have joked with my kids that when the time came for me to become a grandparent, I could not be called Grandma! That sounded too old! Then one day a saw a license plate that said "Glam-ma" and I knew that would be me! :)

Friday, January 20, 2017

My Thoughts On Inauguration Day;

I learned that when he says "Make America Great again", what he really means is Make America Rich. And as Kate Spade likes to quote Dorothy Parker "I've never been a millionaire, but I just know I'd be darling at it." I'd like to give it a try! So, go right ahead Mr. Trump! :) I was hopping his Inauguration Speech would be more Unifying, as opposed to Divisive, but I was once again disappointed. It was sad that there was less of a crowed than in years past. Though it is clear, we are a Nation divided, when just eight years ago we we're so United. And Proud to be Americans. Here is a little Post I wrote on that Inauguration Day!

My favorite part of the day was getting to see Elisabeth Dole. I'm a "Huge" fan of hers! (See what I did there?!?) I Love her, and It was so Amazing to see each former President, including our new President as well, make their way over to Bob and Elisabeth Dole to speak to them and shake their hands. It did my heart good! I was also very happy when Donald Trump Thanked Hillary Clinton for being there today. See, that wasn't so hard. I also should let you know that I am wearing my 'Madame President' shirt as I write this, and as I watched today, as it may be the last time that I get to wear it. Sad.

 A couple things I hope will change as Mr. Trump takes office; as you know, I Love Twitter and Social Media, but I strongly believe there is No place for mean tweeting, or bullying in the highest office in the land. Please stop. You have much more important things to worry about now. We're all counting on you. We want you to succeed. We want you to do great things. To Rise to the Challenge that is before you. And no, you didn't win the popular vote, which means the majority of Americans didn't vote for you. But that doesn't matter anymore. You are now their President. You must fight for them. People are fearful. And understandably so. They have heard terrible, awful things come out of your mouth, things about Women, Races of people, and entire religions.  It's up to you now to turn that around. You say you didn't really mean some of those things, well, it's time now to prove it! We are coming off an administration that whole heartedly supported Women. Who always took the high road, even when terrible things were said about him and his family. I am hoping you too, in your new position, can do the same. You have big shoes to fill. Will you be the champion for all Americans? Those born here, and those, like your own wife, who come here from other parts of the world. Our Children are depending on you. Be Great!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Ode To Joy!

I'm not talking about the song Ode to Joy by: Beethoven. Joy was my Word Of The Year for 2016! When I originally choose that word I knew Joy might be hard to come by. As 2016 had my Girls' Graduating from High School, which I realize is a Joyful occasion, but as a Mother, it's a sad reminder your kids are growing up! Especially when it's your youngest! Plus our best friends were moving out of the Country. It had the potential to be a year of sadness, so I thought I'd better seek out Joy! But I had no idea just how challenging this year would turn out to be.

 My Loving Husband, bought me a "Joy Journal" for Christmas last year! And I determined to find something every single day of the entire year that brings me Joy & document it. So on all 365 days (after tomorrow) of this year I have written down something that I find Joy in. There are big and Wonderful things, as well as little, simple things! Some days I had to look harder than others to find something, anything, to put in my Joy Journal! No one could have predicted just how much we would need a little Joy this year! With it's terrible election season, and heartbreaking outcome. Along with the number of great musicians, and beloved celebrities we have lost this year! (Doesn't it seem like more this year, than ever?!) We've also had personal tragedy, loosing my sweet Mother in Law. She was our kids' last remaining Grand Parent. Yes, 2016 was a heartbreaking year all around! Making Joy hard to find!

But find it I did. My greatest Joy in life is my Family! And how we stick together when times get hard. All my kids were able to be home for Christmas. I loved it. My Home and Heart Full! We took a walk up to the park & took this fun shot with my new Selfie Stick! :) Here in Arizona, this is as close to snow as we get! One thing I've learned this year is that Joy isn't what happens to, or around, you. It's something you Choose! And sometimes you have to look hard to find it. The key to Joy is found in Gratitude. No matter what kind of situation you may find yourself in, if you can find something, anything, to be Thankful for, you will find Joy! I have tried to cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude, looking for something, no matter how small, or hard it may be, everyday this entire year. Things like my Girls' are thriving in life after High School! Our friends are loving life in Aruba! My Year of Joy! And I hope you have found some Joy this year as well. And that we all remember to be Thankful, always. For in that, you may find Joy. Happy New Year to you and yours. And here's hoping 2017 is a little easier! :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Happy Holidays 2016

"Christmas, my child, is love in action. 
Every time we love, every time we give, it's Christmas."  
(Dale Evens Rogers)

Here's what I see as I look back on this year; John turned the Big Five-Oh! Oh, Believe it. And He was just promoted to Operations Supervisor at the Hospice company he works for. And he freely shares his love of food and drink. Next year will see our 30th Wedding Anniversary! My how times flies when you're having fun! I continue to enjoy my job as a Merchandiser, my Bookclub(s) and volunteering with Dress for Success.

Kyle & Katie celebrated their 2nd Wedding Anniversary, while Zach & Kendra have been Married a year already! Kyle is a Barista and Katie a Nurse at Phoenix Children's Hospital. Zach is now a Park Ranger at Lake Powell, and Kendra Teaches Preschool. All 4 are involved in leading Worship at their Churches. Both couples have taken several trips this year and are enjoying life as Newlyweds! No Grand Children for us yet, but, don't worry, I'm asking Santa!!

Our Girls Graduated from High School, and are now in their last year as Teenagers. (How am I the only one not getting any older?!) Erica is in the Honors Program at Phoenix College, studying to be a Sign Language Interpreter. Lexi is in Cosmetology School and doing really well. Both Girls are working as Receptionists while attending school, and both bought their first car this year. We are beyond Blessed and are so Proud of all our Kids!

2016 has seen much Joy & much Sorrow as well. In February we celebrated John's Moms 84th Birthday, and them we lost her in April. She was a sweet and wonderful woman, and our kids' last remaining grandparent. It's been very difficult. Though we are grateful for the time we had with her and that our children were blessed with the most amazing grandparents.

This was also our girls' first ever presidential election they could vote in. And what a terrible and heart breaking one at that! We still have not yet fully recovered. But all is not lost in the world, for we have been given the Gilmore Girls revival! So you see, there is always Hope! With all going on in the world, this year, more than ever, our wish is for Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men.

"Christmas, Children, is not a date. It is a state of mind."
(Mary Ellen Chase) 

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Mamma Mia!

If you know anything about me, you know I love all things Broadway! And I have tried my best to impart that love onto my children.

Last night my girls and I got to see Mamma Mia! Touring as part of Broadway Across America, and it is sadly on it's farewell tour.

We all love the Movie version, but if you've seen it; not all the actor's are great singers. :0 (I can relate to that as I'm not a great singer myself! Though I don't usually let that stop me!) ;) But Broadway actors are amazing singers! And with the awesome songs of Abba, you know it's good!

 This is such a fun show! At any given moment, you can look around the audience and see patrons singing, clapping along, and dancing! You laugh and leave feeling happy and up beat!

 And Bonus! We got to see some old friends of ours; another mother with her two amazing daughters that we used to go to Church with. They are Finnish, and love Abba maybe even more than I do!

Sadly Mamma Mia! is on it's farewell tour. And as the "Dancing Queens" we are, we are so sad to see it go, but so happy that we got to see it together! And say along with everyone else; "Thank You For The Music!"

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thankful Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving!

 Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I am Thankful for you.

From our Family, to yours . . .