Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympic Fever

I love to watch the Olympics! My favorite part is all the human interest stories of the athletes and the different countries, even more so than the competition itself. Like for instance, the Afghanistan delegation only had one woman on their team, who just before the Olympics, disappeared. They believe she has defected to another country due to all the death threats she has received from fundamentalist men from her own country, who believe women should not be seen or heard, let alone compete in a sporting event. I always try to use stories like these to remind my own kids that anything they dream is possible, and to remind them just how blessed we are to be living in The United States of America! But, that it's not the same for many other countries around the world.

And with every sport we watch, my kids always want to do what ever sport they see. My girls can not understand why they can't do gymnastics in the Olympics. I told them it's because we did not start them in Gymnastics lessons at the age of three. And send them away to live with another family so they could train. Not to mention, pay more money than we make every year to never be able to see them. I don't know what we were thinking. My bad!

So, now they have settled on Synchronized diving. They love to be in the water, and will try any dive Kyle shows them. And that's probably a pretty good sport for twins, right?! And Zach, who is already a sprinter for his High School track team, now wants to play Water Polo. Will someone please remind my children that we live in the desert. And water sports just aren't real big here. But, being the queen of Google that I am. I goggled diving lessons. And once I got past all the scuba lessons, I found their is one competitive diving team in the greater Phoenix area, but, it's about an hour away from us. So, another Olympic dream is shattered! Oh well, easy come, easy go, right. I did find out that there are water polo teams and synchronized swimming teams near us. Who Knew? I'll just hold on to that information until next week, when the girls see that sport and once again change their minds.

And I know it will all only last until the next Olympics any way, when once again, the girls will start begging me to put them in Ice Skating lessons! I think we are just going to switch to watching only Spelling Bees!

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