Wednesday, May 27, 2009

End Of The School Year Big Project

Sister Suffragette!

Lexi chose to do her report on Susan B. Anthony. She fought for Womens rights, and was arrested for voting in 1872. She also helped to move slaves through the underground railroad to freedom! She wore a long black skirt with a black top that had a white ruffle neck. And wore her hair up in a bun.

Over the last few months as she's been studying Susan B. Anthony, we've talked a lot about how women didn't have the right to vote, among other things. And how the women's movement has affected all areas of life today. I told my girls about how in the 60's women burned their bra's. They thought that was so funny, and wanted to know why. And the best I could come up with was that they were trying to make a statement that women are as capable as men, so they were wanting to get rid of anything that made them different from men. (But, I'm sure after having a few babies and gravity taking hold, they put them back on!)

Not Suffering in Silence!

Erica did her report on Helen Keller. She wore an old fashioned dress, complete with a broach, and her hair back in a bow. She carried a doll because that was one of the first words Helen Keller learned to sign.

She learned all about her life and how she went on to learn to read and write, and even graduated with a degree. Her handicaps didn't stop her.

My girls learned so much through this school project, it's a great way to study History!


Charity Joy Bell Childs said...

I always love reading about the women of old who went around in killer buns saving the world! Go women of old! Go!

I bet they could've used some hair spray of today, know...for their buns...



Paula said...

It was a great project for the kids. Kelsey told us all about Dolley Madison and how she saved George Washington's picture in the white house fire. They all did great jobs!

Nancy said...

Great projects! I love when the kids dress the part. The girls look wonderful as their subjects! Way to go Lexi & Erica!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun project!

You commented right above me in sits!