Monday, June 15, 2009

"Summer Lovin" Quickly turning into Loathing!

Working in a retail clothing store, I hear a lot of women complain about shopping for swimsuits! And I can relate! Trying to find a flattering, supportive swim suit for this winter white body of mine is not my idea of a good time! But this year, I got to see it from a different angle that I like even less!

My Beautiful twin daughters are now 11 years old (and a half!), and we went to find them new swim suits. The largest size in girls is a 14/16. Well, that worked pretty well for one of the girls, but for the other one it was a little too tight around. So, horror of all horrors . . . we ventured over to the Junior Department.

We found that swim suits in the Junior department consist of tiny triangles of material held together with strings! AHHHH! They tried a couple on and I said, "I'm sorry girls, but you can not wear those!" They were embarrassed just trying them on in front of me and each other! After a couple of stores, I finally found one that had enough coverage for one of the girls and we went back to the children's department for the other one. Both are really cute!

So, along with their last year suits, that should see us through this year okay, but the question is: What In The World Am I Going To Do Next Year?! The girls will be 12. The Children's sizes will really no longer fit. I'm in trouble!

They are pre-teens, that in between stage. They don't want to look like little frilly girls anymore, and they don't want to wear old ladies styles either! But, why do the manufacturers think teen girls should show much skin? God, help us!

Lexi and Erica when they were little, playing at a lake in The Great Lake State of Michigan!

Erica and Lexi last year at a lake in the middle of the desert in Arizona!


Michele said...

Ok, where did you have success??? I feel your pain, oh yes, I do!!! I never thought I would say this, but I think I prefer shopping for a swim suit for myself!

Star Forbis said...

I actually found one at Ross! It was two different sizes on top and bottom, which worked for her!

stefanie said...

We've done pretty well by going fairly early in the season for tankinis at Kohl's or JCPenney. Cute, and reasonable coverage that we can agree upon.

Karen (KayKay) said...

I completely feel your pain. Mine are older now and it is still hard for them to find cute, but appropriate bathing suits.

Briana Martinez said...

We went through the same thing a couple of weeks ago. Every time Analise would start crying in the fitting room I would start crying. Media has made it so hard on young girls (and their mothers).

Charity Joy Bell Childs said...

Those are sooo adorable pictures, Star! I think you should watermark them! I am tempted to steal them already! :)

I don't use those little "traingles" either! :)

Charity Joy Bell Childs said...

If I don't like a top, but I like the bottom, I buy the bottom and pair it with another top! Mix-n-match! Do we wear the same design shirts as our pants? I don't think so...why do we have to wear same bikini bottoms and tops? :)