Monday, May 24, 2010

Glee, On Stage & In Real Life!

My Mothers Day gift this year was a ticket ("Tickets? I Love Tickets!" can you name what movie that line is from?) well, my ticket was to see Glee Live! Phoenix was their first stop of the tour & their first live show ever! And I was there! I went with three of my good friends, and we had a ball!
Just us Gleeks! (Glee Geeks!)
Left to Right: Dana, Christa, Nancy & me*.

All the actors were in character, it was like going to one of New Directions competitions. All the students were there, none of the adult actors. They sang a lot of their great music. . .

"Don't Stop Believing!"


"Somebody To Love"

Then my son Zach, who is a Senior in High School & is about to graduate. :( Had his last Choir concert of his High School career. He is in the top two choirs of one of the largest High Schools in the state of Arizona! (Don't mind me while I brag a little, he didn't get his musical talent from me!) When he told me he was asked to play a guitar solo in their rendition of Somebody To Love, I told him "You're the wheelchair boy from Glee!" :)

Here is a video from his concert. Zach is on the left side of the second row, then he comes forward to play his guitar. Enjoy!

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