Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!

The kids playing with Daddy!

I want to wish a very Happy Fathers Day to the best father I could ask for for my children. Since our first child was born he has been active in their lives. Never afraid to change diapers, or get dirty playing with them. Taking off of work to go to school events, sports games, band, dance & choir concerts. Patiently helping them with their homework, or to learn about music or computers. Always willing to listen or help!

Happy Fathers Day John. I love you so much & have loved watching you being a dad these past 20 years! You Rock!

John with all his Girls! :)

Father & Sons!

My kids have also been blessed to have two great men to Grandfather them. My dad, John Fink, who is now in heaven, & Johns dad Robert Forbis. Both have added humor & love to our kids' lives. And for that we are grateful. Happy Fathers Day Dad/Grandpa. We love you.

My Kids with my Dad!
We still miss Papa!

The kids with John's Dad!

Happy Fathers Day!
Take the time to tell the men in your life how much you appreciate them!

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