Wednesday, August 18, 2010

In The Studio

Universal Studios that is!

The last time John & I went to Universal,
we were a young married couple with no kids!

My how things have changed!

John & the kids at City Walk!

Our Guitar player, Zach, at the Hard Rock Cafe!

The Boys did a little fishing!
You should have seen the one that got away!

"Duh Dunt, Duh Dunt"

We visited Whoville while we were there!
A great place to escape the summer heat!

We took the tour & saw how & where a lot of movies are made. It really makes you want to watch them all again! The new King Kong attraction is really cool! If you go don't miss it! The Jurassic Park ride is even better than Disney's Splash Mountain! The roller coaster lovers in the family loved The Mummy & The Simpson's rides. (That does not include me!) We saw a bunch of shows, some really good & well done, & others, let's just say not so much! ;)

My Music Man, strumming along.

Welcome to Jurassic Park

But beware,
this is how you will look when you get off this awesome ride!
Soaked to the bone!

Kyle with the Transformer!

No, that's not Shaggy with Scooby Doo
It's Zach!

But I think we've found his Halloween Costume!
Wonder if the make a Scooby costume that will fit Tinkerbell,
our little Toy Rat Terrier,
she can be his sidekick!

The kids riding Jurassic Park for the second time!

And of course got soaked again!

Wet & cold when the sun started to go down!
So we got them all matching, dry T shirts!
Isn't that so cute?!

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