Monday, November 22, 2010

Get Ready, It's Coming!

This Friday! The Busiest Shopping Day of the Year!
I Am NOT a Morning person, except for that 1 day of the year!
I get the ads on Thanksgiving & make my list!

It's called Black Friday,
because that is the day retail stores get out of "the Red"
& start turning a prophet for the year!
It's a win, win! For Retailers, the Economy & Shoppers alike!

Read about my experience last year
managing a Clothing Store over Black Friday!
This year, I'll be at Bath & Body Works!
The number 1 Gift Giving destination!
It's gonna be fun!

Twisted Peppermint is my most favorite fragrance!
Come in & I'll sell you some, so you can smell as good as I do! :)
We open at 6am on Friday.

We'll have our V.I.P. Bag.
It's a great bag, full of products!
A $115.00 value, that with a $40.00 purchase, you can buy for just $20.00!
Plus we'll have all kinds of great sales too!
The bags will go fast, so get there early!

I'll be there at 10:00am!
Of course, I have to shop first!
Can't wait!
See you in line! :)

1 comment:

Pam said...

You are either amazing or completely crazy. Shopping AND working retail on Black Friday - and HAPPY about it! You go girl! I have never shopped on Black Friday and I've never even been tempted. And I can't even imagine how insane it must be to be working retail that day. Good luck to you. You definitely have the right attitude. I hope you find lots of bargains and make lots of lucky shoppers happy with your upbeat attitude!