Monday, February 7, 2011

A Scent For All Seasons!

I was recently helping a customer who wanted to find what she called her "signature scent", she wanted to find her favorite fragrance. One that she would wear all the time & when other people smelled that fragrance they would think of her! We were successful in finding her fragrance. I on the other hand, prefer a variety in my fragrances. I have favorites that wear at certain times of the year . . .

My fragrance right now, in the winter, is Midnight Pomegranate! I Love it!

A nice light fragrance to wear in the Spring time,
for me is Cucumber Melon.

My favorite in the Summer time is the Coconut Vanilla!
I can't get enough of it! Good thing summer in Arizona is long!

A good one for the Fall is Warm Vanilla Sugar!

And I Love wearing Twisted Peppermint,
and smelling like Candy Canes all throughout the Holidays! :)

And with Valentines day soon approaching,
my favorite fragrance from Victoria's Secret is called Love Spell.
Good thing we are owned by the same company,
so I get my employee discount there too!

And Red Door is my favorite Perfume!

And of course my girls (& their friends) love that I work at Bath & Body works too! And we have some soft light fragrances that are great for young girls as well. My girls favorites are:

Secret Wonderland!

And Sweet Pea is another good one for that age group!

I have a coworker who always picks out a new fragrance to take on a trip with her. That way it is forever burned in her mind, that when she smells that smell, she will think of that trip! For instance, she's going to her daughters wedding back east in a few months, and she has a new fragrance already bought that she's never worn before. So now & forever, when she smells it she will think of her daughters wedding! I think that is a pretty cool idea!

What is your fragrance? Do you wear just one? Or do you change with the seasons? Or better yet, with your moods? :) There are of course many more to choose from than I've listed here! And you would think every fragrance known to man has been made, but they always seem to come out with new ones! So to get yours, come see me, I am after all a paid professional! :)

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