Monday, January 2, 2012

It's The End Of The Wrold As We Know It! (Or Not!)

Okay, so rumor has it that the world will end in 2012. Because, I guess the ancient Mayan calender stops then. (I believe it goes up until the middle of December 2012) We've been joking around about it for awhile. There was an event invitation sent out on Facebook asking if you were going to attend 2012. :)

Well, I could not pass up the opportunity to turn this into a Blog Post! (But, of course not!) There are some days quite frankly, I wouldn't mind the world ending! 2011 has been a hard year! (Actually the past few years have been tough!) With John being let go from yet another job. And living with a lot of stress.

But, it is a New Year! And good things are happening. John's been working a retail job & was just offered a job at a new Church! It is just part time, but we are very excited about the opportunity. So, I got to thinking; What would this New Year bring? And let me state for the record I do not believe the world will end in December, 2012. (The Bible does tell us what will occur in the end times.)

But, lets just say for arguments sake, and the fun of a Blog Post, that the world was going to end in December of this year. What would have happened in 2012 prior to that . . . Well, My Twin Daughters will have started High School! (Okay, maybe the world really should end, then! Yikes!) My Boys will both have gotten Associate Degrees. My Husband and I will have celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary! And, since my Birthday is the end of December, I wont have turned another year older! :) Not a Bad Year! If I do say so myself! And that's just the things I know of! So, 2012 is shaping up to be a pretty good year! And I, for one could certainly use a good one.

And I hope all this talk of the end of the world hasn't brought you down, it's all in good fun and to ask you what you think this New Year might hold in store for you and your family. I hope you had a very Happy New Year! And I pray we are all Blessed in 2012! (Even if it is our last year!) :)

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Pam said...

Wow! 2012 is going to be a big year in your family! I hope it's full of many more wonderful surprises, as well.