Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Twitter Tuesday! Valentine Style!

Happy Valentines Day!

This edition of Twitter Tuesday is in honor of Valentines Day! So, I thought I'd share some Tweets with you that have to do with Love! :)

Brian Houston from Hillsong Church, Australia said this:

SING for your souls sake -
LAUGH for your spirits sake -
READ for your minds sake -
LOVE for your hearts sake!

And I Like this one from Love Quote Jones:

Dance like the photo isn't being tagged,
Love like you've never been unfriended,
& Tweet like nobody is following.

Here's one By: Epic Women . . .

Forever is composed of nows.
(Emily Dickinson)

And I have to say I Love this one by Funny One Liners! Remember all those "Love means . . . " Posters, cards, etc. :)

Love means never having to say anything
because you're both looking at your smart phones

Remember this next Tweet from The Notebook This Valentines Day & Every day:

Laugh as much as you breathe
and love as long as you live.

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