Monday, September 3, 2012


Yes, it's true, my Baby Girls have started High School! I tried to ground them from High School, but unfortunately it didn't work. They were excitedly anticipating what I was dreading.  They chose their classes & put time & effort into choosing just the right first day of school outfits . . . after all they are my daughters! :)



It's a different arrangement this year; Erica took an A hour class, early in the morning so gets dropped off at the school & Lexi takes the bus in the morning. Then Lexi has Marching Band after school & gets picked up & Erica rides the bus home!

They eat lunch together & have one class together, and a few of the same teachers at different hours throughout the day. And one day during the second week of school, they decided to dress alike. It's been a really long time since they have done that! But even at 14 it's still cute! :)

One of them is in Band & the other in Choir. They both take Dance (again, my Daughters! Dance was my favorite class in High School as well!) & they will do some sports throughout the year. It's going to be a great year! Even if I went into it dragging my heels!

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