Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Give Me Five: Favorite T.V. Dramas

Every Life needs a little Drama! As long as that Drama comes from some really good T.V. shows! Here are some of my all time Favorites;

1. Parenthood!
The Best Show On Television!
If you are not watching Parenthood, 
(weather you are a Parent, or you have a Parent) :)
You NEED to be!
We watch it as a Family!
It is so good!
But be warned; you will cry!

2. Gilmore Girls!
Another really Great show! 
A Fast Talking Mother/Daughter Duo!
(right up my alley!) :)
I have the ENTIRE Series on DVD!
Love it! 

3. ER!
Gotta love a good Medical Drama!
(It was a toss up with St. Elsewhere, which I really liked too) 
But ER was such a good show! 
Great Actors, engrossing story lines. 

 4. Flamingo Road!
 Now, you might not remember this one, 
but it was one of my Favorites!
Think along the lines of Dynasty & Dallas, 
but a little more tropical! :) 
I wanted to be Morgan Fairchild, but have the wrong color hair! :) 

 5. Switched At Birth! 
I love that this show incorporates Sign Language 
and does it really well. 
It's one of my Girls' Favorite shows. 
Two girls switched at Birth, one of whom is deaf. 
Two families turned upside down, 
trying to make the best of a difficult situation. 
So good. 

Well, there you have it, my picks for the Best T.V. Dramas. Up next I'll talk about some of my Favorite Comedies! What are your picks when you need a little Drama in your life? 

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