Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday Reading!

It's the most Wonderful Time of the Year! 
And as you know one of my Favorite things to do all year, is to Read! 
And this time of year, I love to read Seasonal Books!

Right now I'm reading Merry Ex-Mas by: Sheila Roberts, 
(one of my Favorite Authors)
It's really good so far!
And Sheila is the Queen of Christmas Books!

She continues to come out with new ones just about every year!
And I've read one or two of them every Christmas for the past few years!
I told you I Love to read Seasonal Books! :) 

She doesn't only write Christmas Themed Books, 
and I've read others of hers as well.
But that's a different Blog Post!
This one is about Christmas Books! :) 

My Favorite is On Strike For Christmas
If you haven't read it, pick it up 
make it an early Christmas Present for yourself!

And Bonus: Lifetime made a Movie out of the Book!
It's pretty good as well.
(Though of course, not as good as the Book!) :)
I have my DVR set to record it this week! 

And next up on my To Read List: Winter Garden
by: Kristin Hannah
I've heard good things about this one,
and have read others by her as well.

So what Books are you opening up this Holiday Season? 
Here's hoping you find Magic inside! 

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