Monday, April 7, 2014

My Girls Answer The Question: Where I'm From . . .

 In my Girls' English Classes in High School they were given the assignment of writing a paper titled: Where I'm From. They were asked to share their families "Culture." I thought what an interesting concept! And when I saw their papers, I loved them so much and wanted to share them here on the Blog. Now I may be just a little biased, but I think I have some pretty great creative writers on my hands. Maybe someday we'll all be reading their Blogs! :) 

Where I'm From
Erica Forbis

I am from music
From rhythm, and accent of sound
I am from a summer blaze
(Flaming, Baking
it burned my skin)
I am from sunshine,
The world full of light
whose rays brought joy to my life

I'm from tank tops and short sleeves
From shorts and never jeans
I'm from the ice cold drinks
And the wind in the trees,
From scorpions and snakes
I'm from climbing high
And chasing leaves

I'm from John and Star Branch
Forbis and Fink
From the bright blue eyes
to the big curly hair

Under my bed hides a world of its own
Memories untouched,
And aged thoughts
I am from the past -
Slightly aged and worn -
And I am the bright future

Where I'm From
 Lexi Forbis

I am from the music
from love and kindness.
I am from the sun in the sky
(Hot, bright,
it tasted like burning skin.)
I am from the huge family,
the loud and obnoxious
whose yelling voices brought headaches
but I joined in anyway.

I am from pop
from lettuce with sugar.
I am from Forbis and Fink,
John and Star.
From Christmas and Easter,
and the countless days at church
to all the summer camps.

I am from the loss of my grandmother
in her fight against cancer,
the head I cracked open twice in my life.
I am from those moments
those snapshots of life.
A leaf fallen from the big family tree.

I can't tell you how much I love both of their papers! I love the Music and Arizona references. My husband and I both come from large families, he's one of 5 children and I'm one of 7! We're loud and fun! :) I love the family tree that we have planted for our kids, that continues to grow and blossom! Oh, and both girls got A's on their papers! :)

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