Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New Look, New Name!!

You might have noticed my Blog has a new look. When I started Blogging in May of 2008 I named my Blog Laughing Through Parenting, as my focus was raising my kids, at the time I had 2 kids in High School & 2 in Elementary School.

Over the years, as I've continued to Blog about parenting issues, I've also talked about Life in general, being a Pastor's Wife and Religion, going from an At Home Mom to a Working Mom, I've shared my Love of Books & Reading, even broaching the subject of Politics & Pop Culture. Just like in real life, I love to talk & my Blog is no different. :)

So, now my children are older (my Boys are now in their 20's & are BOTH engaged to be Married & my Girls are in High School) Click here to see what they looked like when I started Blogging. I Love being a Mom & will still be Blogging about my life and my Kids. Like with any Mom, Just try to stop me from talking about my kids! :) But since I talk about so much more, I decided to change my Blog name to something more all encompassing, so it's going from Laughing Through Parenting to Star4Laughs! And as always I will try to handle all the subjects I talk about on here with my signature since of humor.

Thanks so much to my Amazing Hubby who designed my new Blog Header! I really hope you like the new look & the new name. And will stick around to continue reading & sharing your thoughts with me as well. Because Laughing together makes the Joy that much stronger!


Teresa Couch said...

I think it looks Awesome!!

Judy Rogers-Camel said...

Ditto! Awesome!

martha said...

Love the new look!