Saturday, October 18, 2014

Give Me Five: Reasons I Like Being A Vegetarian!

I have always wanted to give being a Vegetarian a try, I'm not a big meat eater anyway. And with my son's Wedding coming up, we've been trying to slim down a little, so when we had about 6 weeks till the Wedding, I suggested we commit 4 weeks, 1 whole month to being Vegetarian. My Husband (who does love meat) was game & my 17 year old Daughters wanted to give it a try as well. Well, we did our 4 weeks & liked it so much, we're still going strong!

Here are 5 Reasons Why I Like Being A Vegetarian:

1. Being a Vegetarian causes you to be more conscious of what you're eating! No more Mindless Eating! You can't just say it's lunchtime, I'll just pull into this fast food joint & pick something up! You have to think about what you can & cannot eat! And that means Healthier choices!

2. Eating Fresh! Being a Vegetarian, means eating a lot of Fruits & Vegetables, which means eating less processed foods! That has to be better for you!

3. It causes us, and more importantly our kids to try new & different foods! It's been quite an adventure! Some good, some not so good! :) We've even made some up as we go! Some of our favorites have been Homemade Mac N' Cheese stuffed in Bell Peppers, and Grilled Sweet Potato Nachos! You can look on our Vegetarian Pinterest Board for more ideas!

4. Being A Vegetarian makes us Look Hip! :) That's right, you get to hang out out at cool places like Trader Joe's, and at the Hip new Restaurants in town with all the young, cool people! And yes, I am that shallow! :)

5. I've never seen a fat Vegetarian! HaHa!! And I hope I'm not the first! :) But, seriously, It is healthy and you do feel better when you eat better!

Our favorite way of eating is the Mediterranean Diet (the healthiest people in the world live in the Mediterranean!) And being a Vegetarian is very similar. We are also eating fish, but that's our only meat. And I try to make sure my girls are getting enough protein in their diet. The girls and I are seriously considering eating this way indefinitely! So if you got any good Vegetarian Recipes, send them our way! And think before you eat! 

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