Friday, April 17, 2015

Nicholas Sparks Books VS Movies!

The newest Nicholas Sparks Book to be turned into a Move is The Longest Ride. (In Theaters now) I had read this Book last year after My Husband, who knows I like Nicholas Sparks, bought it for me as a Gift. So of course I made him go see the Movie with me when it came out! Like all Nicholas Sparks Movies, it was good.

Another of his Books, which I also read last year, that was turned into a Movie that came out in October is The Best Of Me. A really good Book & a good Movie as well! In fact pretty much all of Nicholas Sparks Books / Movies are good. He seams to have found the Formula for "Chick Lit" & "Chick Flicks"!!

Of the picture below, I have read all these Books & have seen all these Movies!! And I've loved them all! The Books are always better! All though, in the case of The Notebook, with the visual mastery (& just the clothes & shoes alone) make the Movie pretty hard to beat. And like The Notebook, The Longest Ride, with it's flashbacks to another era has some amazing clothes as well!

If you were to ask me my Favorite, that would be hard to pick from the Movies. I really do like them all, but I'd say Message In A Bottle, The Notebook and The Best Of Me are my Favorites among his Movies! As far as my Favorite of his Books? That ones easy. Safe Haven! I feel it is his best written Book of all of them! It is so good!

Are you a Nicholas Sparks fan? Do you read the Books, or just wait for the Movie? Or like me, do you do both?! And I love to know what are your Favorites among them?

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