Monday, May 4, 2015

Prom Queens!!!





This is my Daughter's Jr. Year of High School, which means Prom! It was a bittersweet moment for me. I love seeing them grow up and have fun doing it! We had so much fun planning, shopping for dresses and shoes, getting hair and make-up ideas! Yet, I felt a little bit of sadness too, they are not my little princesses twirling around in their dresses any longer, they are beautiful, strong young women! And I've loved every moment of it all!


They brought their Best Friend, Maddie, whom they met at Church right before they all started Kindergarten, and have been BFF's ever since! Maddie and her family are planning on moving to Aurba after she graduates next year. :( So the three girls decided they wanted to spend their Prom nights together. So the plan is they all go to Erica & Lexi's School this year & to Maddie's next year. There were no boys in the picture this year (Yay!) but, we'll see if that may change next year & throw a little kink in the plans. ;)


They had a great Theme for this years Prom, it was "Under The Tuscan Sun" So we wanted a place to take pictures that went along with that theme. And I remembered several years ago we had taken some family photo's at a really cool place that had a lot of pillars & a fountain, so we decided to find that place again. And we were really happy with the results!

And of course the Proud Parents had to get in on the pictures! :)

Lovely Lexi . . .

 Elegant Erica . . .


Magnificent Maddie . . .



Oops, who jumped in the photo?! :) 

Three very Beautiful, Smart, Funny, Strong and Fun girls! And what a great way to celebrate their Friendship! They had a great time, taking photo's, eating out at The Cheesecake Factory, Dancing the night away, and Making Memories that will last a lifetime!

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AJ Jenkins said...

Beautiful!!! Good job Mom!