Thursday, January 28, 2016

A New Idea For A Book Club

I had what I thought was a really great idea for our Book Club: Last year for Christmas I asked for & received Brooke Shields' Book There Was A Little Girl. I've always been a fan of hers & wanted to read her Book! And we all know Books make the best gifts! And this Christmas I got (Actually for my Birthday from my Daughter) a Book I'd been asking for forever, that I was just dying to read! The Woman I Wanted To Be by Diane Von Furstenberg . . .

Even though I love Novels, from time to time, I enjoying reading about real people too. Well, seeing a pattern in my own reading, I got an idea, and brought it before my Book Club, who thought it was a good idea and were willing to try it. So for the month of January, instead of us all reading the same Fiction Book and discussing it, as normal, we would each choose a Memoir or Biography, read it & when we got together for our monthly meeting we'd each share about our book. 
We had 5 questions we each had to answer;
1. Who is your Book about, and why did you choose it?
2. Share 2 or 3 Highlights or Interesting Facts of this person's life. 
3. Do you think the Author is trying to elicit a certain response from the reader, such as sympathy? Has this Book changed or enhanced your opinion of the subject?
4. What is the Authors most admirable quality? Is this someone you would want to know?
5. Are you glad you read this book? Would you recommend it to a friend? Why or why not?


The above picture is just some of the Memoirs/Biographies our Book Club read this month! It was fun hearing & learning about different people. (We read about a Journalist, an Author, You Tuber, Comedian, Actor, Fashion Designer, to name a few.) Everyone enjoyed it. So we decided we'd do this EVERY January! It brings something different & fun to our Book Club. Give it a try! So what Memoirs, Biographies have you read that you really enjoyed? I have a few on my To Be Read list! :)

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