Friday, May 27, 2016

The Starfish!!!

My Daughters decided that for Mother's Day, they wanted their gift to me to be for the 3 of us to get matching tattoos . . .  They showed me the design, and I loved it & the idea!! 

This is my 2nd Tattoo. You can read about my first one here. My girls are 18, and Erica has Tattoos, but this was Lexi's first one! She was excited & a little nervous, but she did great! 

Yes, my name is Star. And I love Starfish. (I even hang them on my Christmas Tree!) And my Daughters are Mermaids. ;) And all 3 of our Favorite Place in the world is at the Beach! And I'm sure you've read the Story of the Starfish, if you haven't here it is . . .

A great reminder that no matter how small, or insignificant it may seem, we can all make a difference!

The Starfish, though Beautiful, is also a symbol of great Strength! Did you know that if one of it's arms are cut off, it will actually grow another one in it's place? That's pretty Awesome!


And that's all any Mother really wants for her Daughters isn't it? For them to be as Strong as they are Beautiful. And to know that they can make a difference! We are all Starfish!

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