Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thankful Thursday: EmPOWERed Women

Last week I had the Honor of attending the Dress For Success Gala. For over the past year and a half I've been volunteering, every month at my local chapter of Dress For Success here in Phoenix. I first heard about it when the company I work for, Vanity Fair Brands, held events to promote donating to this great organization. This year alone, Vanity Fair will donate up to 50,000 Bra's to Dress For Success! I am so proud of that fact.

If you are unfamiliar with Dress For Success they help disadvantaged Women get back into the work force. They teach them how to find and apply for jobs, how to build a Resume', Interview Skills, and more! When they get a job interview we Suit them, they receive an entire outfit; Pants or Skirt, a Top & Jacket, Shoes, handbag & Accessories, make-up and more. Then when they get the job, they came back in and are given a weeks worth of work clothes. I, as a Personal Shopper, get to dress them. It's fun to see the change in some of these Women, when they change their attire!

The Gala is their biggest event and fund raiser of the year. Held at a Resort in Scottsdale, you enter by walking the Red Carpet! There was a cocktail reception with silent auctions, raffles and more.

I found this picture on Arizona Foothills Magazine. My dress looks black in some pictures and really bright here, it's actually Navy Blue! :) The Lady I was talking to here I believe was there with GoDaddy. Many companies donated items or hosted a table. I love talking about Dress For Success, sharing how I'm affiliated with them and how they can get involved.

During Dinner and the Program, we heard from Vice Mayor Kate Gallego and her husband Congressman Ruben Gallego, about how grateful they are for all the work Dress For Success does in our community. Sharing how when you elevate a woman's position, you elevate the community! 

We had a Fashion Show of Women's Work Wear, and pay through the Decades. It was so Interesting! Arizona is better than most States as far as Equal Pay for Equal Work, but we still don't make the same as Men (Yet!) Then we got to see and hear Success Stories from the Women pictured above, who some came out of abusive relationships, poverty, or hard times, with little or no education. And with some Support from Dress For Success, found work and the confidence to get an education and turn their lives around! Some are now CEO's, Teachers, some work in Health Care, one fulfilled a life long dream of becoming a Pilot, after being told girls couldn't do that! It's Women like these who made this election so important to me. But it's also Women like these who are so unstoppable, I know there is Always Hope for the future of this Country! 

After dinner we received donations for this incredible organization. The Volunteers wore these light up bracelets, and anyone who donated $50.00 or more received one. It was exciting to "Light Up the Ballroom!"

 At the After Party, we had local R&B Artist Cece Peniston perform her Billboard #1 hit "Finally" & more. A good time was had by all, it was such a fun night!

These are some of the Amazing Women I have met through Dress For Success. I volunteer each month with Courtney, who's on the left. And Pat, who's in the middle, runs the Boutique. You too can help out your local chapter of Dress For Success by Volunteering or Donating: Clothing, Shoes, Handbags, Jewelry, Etc. They accept all donations, including Monetary! :) And if the clothing isn't necessarily Business appropriate, that's okay, they hold warehouse sales, where all the proceeds go back into Dress For Success! I truly believe Empowered Women, Empower Women! And am so Thankful they do!

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