Friday, July 7, 2017

Summer Reads For Everyone!

Weather you are Hitting the Beach, Sunning by the Pool, Camping in the Pines, Sitting Lake Side, Road Tripping, or staying in Air Conditioning this Summer, we all could use a good Summer Read! Books take us places we've never been, and let us look at the world through eyes not our own. I'll share with you some of what I've been Reading this Summer, and hopefully you find something that perks your interest and makes you want to pick up a Book!

 For the Young Adult Reader, who loves a good romance,
Everything Everything by: Nicola Yoon
My Daughters and I all loved this Book & then saw the Movie together! 
It's beautifully descriptive with an unusual story line. 

Adventure with a Twist
Leaving Time by: Jodi Picoult
If you like Books that aren't just what they seem, 
or simply love Elephants. :)

If you're a Non-Fiction History Buff, 
or just love Books about Women's Friendships
The Astronaut Wives Club by: Lily Koppel
is for you.

 Long to spend your summer on the East Coast?
Or like to explore Family Dynamics?
Body Surfing by; Anita Shreve
will let you do both!

 Since I am about to become a "Glam-ma" for the first time,
and my son is a Park Ranger;
Our Great Big Backyard by: Laura Bush and Jenna Bush Hager
Inspires kids to explore our National Parks! 

 My next Read is Christian Fiction
The Blue Bottle Club by: Penelope J. Stokes
A look back through time,
exploring women's lives.

This is not your light Summer Read.
Everything I Never Told You by: Celeste Ng
 Is a darker look inside a complicated Family
set in the 70's, but relevant today

Well, I Hope you see something that perks your interest and makes you want to pick up a Book or two! If so, tell me; what are you Reading this Summer? And where are you taking your Books to? 

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