Sunday, December 14, 2008

Welcome To My World!

Yesterday I worked all day at the Portrait Studio, so John had to play "Mr. Mom!"

He and the boys had youth Praise Band practice in the morning. The girls had a friends Birthday Party to go to in the afternoon. So, he had to help them wrap the gift I laid out, make sure they got dressed & that their hair looked okay. Zach had a youth event in the evening. And Kyle had to work. He started a job the night before at a store in a different mall than I'm working at. Yeah! But getting everyone everywhere they need to go is crazy!

John put over 80 miles on his car yesterday driving everyone where they needed to go! He also had to make sure everyone was fed, etc. I think it is safe to say he might appreciate me a little more now. (Though he really always did anyway.) The hardest part for him is not being able to talk to me when I'm at work.

And this week since it's getting closer to Christmas, I'm even working more hours. My Girls have their first ever band concert. And with all the Church related activities, it's crazy right now. I've hardly gotten any Christmas presents bought. Let alone wrapped, and have no idea when I'm gonna have any time to do either. Yet in spite of it all, I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

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Katie said...

My husband was gone on a men's retreat all weekend, and right before he got home, the little one started vomitting. We had a party to go to last night, and it seemed that as soon as he came home, I handed of sickie and his brother and left for the party. Some greeting, huh?! I just wanted him to experience first-hand what the weekend was like! :)