Friday, March 6, 2009

Give Me An "A"!

The Oakland A's that is!

Kyle just got a new job working for the Oakland A's while they are here in Arizona for spring training. He works in the clubhouse, and does laundry for the team. (I'm so glad now that I had taught him how to do laundry!) He cleans mud out of their cleats, and anything else they need. And at all their home games he gets to sit in the dugout with the team! He's gotten shirts, shorts, hats, etc. to wear, and he makes really good money, and what a great experience for a sport loving teenager!

He's still working at his other job at the mall too. He works at the ball park Monday - Friday and works Saturday's at the mall. They had been giving him a lot more shifts and they told him it's due to his performance, even though he's been there the shortest amount of time. That makes us happy. I always say as he's going to work "Do a good job", and "work hard" I guess it's paying off!


Nancy said...

What a fun job for Kyle! Tell him congrats, and give him a pat on the back for his hard work.

Charity Childs-Gevero said...

I'm sure he's enjoying his job he gets to hang out with his sports icons! Yeah! That must be like every teenage boy's dream! :)

stefanie said...

Good for him! I love it when kids get to benefit from and be recognized for doing well!