Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Absentee Spring Break

Last week my kids were on Spring Break. I got to take them to the Arizona Aloha Festival, but since my Manager at my new job is gone on her honeymoon, I had to work everyday but Sunday. So John took the week off work to hang out with the kids.

They had a great time. . . They went to an Oakland A's Spring Training game, and got to see Kyle at work (or at play, who can tell which) They spent a day at John's parents house in Casa Grande (a small town half way between Phoenix and Tuscon)

Some friends had the girls over to spend the night one night, and another friend took the girls swimming. Yes it is that warm in Arizona in March! So while the girls were gone and Kyle was working, John & Zach got to see an action movie they'd been wanting to see.

And they went to an Air show at Luke Air Force Base. They got to see the Thunderbird's perform. John loves planes and flying. He has had a flying lesson, and several friends over the years who have had their own planes and have taken him up flying. He's even taken off, flew, and landed a Cessna airplane. Me, I just get airsick! :(

Overall they had a great week. They even spent a day cleaning the house for me! How about that?! Even though I had to miss out on the fun, I thought I'd share some of their pic's with you.

Of course Zach had to "represent" wearing his Detroit Tigers hat to the game!
John rooting for the home team!

Kyle in the dugout watching the game.
(That better be sunflower seeds he's holding!)

At the Air Show!


DiPaola Momma said...

Oh gosh I miss those Air Shows! I'm orginally from WAY down in El Centro (the Blue Angles winter home) and we'd always go to the air show (I blame them for my enlistment in the Navy!).. I also miss a Spring break with SUN! so far it's hit or miss here this year!

Stopping by to thank you for visiting on my big SITS feature day.

Charity Childs-Gevero said...

I love reading about all the family stuff that you guys do over there... :)