Monday, February 22, 2010

Bloggy Boot Camp

I'm so excited. When I first started Blogging I joined the Blog Group The Secret is in the Sauce. And through them I have found some great Blogs & some new friends through sharing the comment love. The SITS girls host weekend seminars for Bloggers to connect with each other, and learn the tricks of the trade. They call them Bloggy Boot Camps. I've really wanted to go, but with family, work, church, etc. I couldn't get away. And now they are coming to me . . .

That's right on May 1st SITS is hosting a Bloggy Boot Camp right here in Phoenix! I can't wait to meet some of these women, to pick their brains and learn from their expertise. If you are a Blogger or want to become one, join me at the Phoenix Bloggy Boot Camp. It's gonna be so much fun & informative at the same time.

I'm so there!

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