Friday, February 5, 2010

The Greatness of a Life

Thank you all so much for your love, support and prayers for my family during this time. My Brother in Laws funeral was very nice. It was so great to see friends I grew up in Church with, and hadn't seen for many, many years.

I was able to speak at the funeral and shared some of the stories I told about here on the Blog (see below) & also shared some things Tom had taught me throughout my life, that no one else could have. . . like how to siphon gas out of a car! (I've never had to use that one yet!) The one and only puff of a cigarette I've ever had, was Tom's, he showed me how. And though I don't know how to change to a flat tire, thanks to Tom, I do know how to let air out of someones tires! :)

I also shared that Tom had a special way about him, and if I asked how many people knew that they were one of Tom's favorite people, pretty much all of us who knew him would raise our hand. And we'd be right. He just had a way that let you believe you were his favorite. (Of course I really was his favorite person!) ;) He was a very special guy.

Pastor Paul of Lighthouse Church did the service, and he shared something that I loved & wrote down right away so that I wouldn't forget it, to share it with you here. He said:

"The Greatness of a life is not measured by the duration of the life, but by the Donation of it!"

My Brother in Law's niece brought me this picture, the night of the viewing. It is my sister Debbie & I teaching her some dance many years ago. I love it! We all LOLed over this one.

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Debra Joy said...

Happy SITS Sharefest.

I am a religious person as well and I know that you will see your family again. Death is not sad for those who die but for those of us who are left behind. I will pray for your family.