Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stepping Out Of The SHADE

My cute little store!
(The day the Mall had Italian sidewalk artists)

Lots of cute clothes!

The Mannequins all ready for summer!

Our best seller, The Cap Sleeve!
(Notice how nicely we keep them all folded!)
This is that same table, the last day we were open! Ouch!

Jen, on the day they announced our Liquidation,
Ready to slash prices!
Rose & I after closing our doors to the public for the last time ever!
All my Mannequins naked!
No more playing dress up!
John & I, Hannah, Rose, Olivia & Kyle
ready to pack up & ship out the store!
The girls added us to the Boxes. Aren't we cute?!
Gone, but not forgotten!
So, my son Kyle got in on the act!
Hope the warehouse workers appreciate our art work!
Taken the girls out!
One of the Black Widow Spiders they killed in our back room!
There were two nests right behind my desk I sat at everyday!
Thanking God for protection!

Olivia, cutting down "The Face Of Shade!"

Hannah, trying on "The Face Of Shade!" :)
It's Looking Lonely in here.

The only thing left, the Cash Wrap.
A very HEAVY, SOLID piece of wood.

This was how we moved it into the store!
(It takes a village, trust me!)
Trying to get it in place.
Removing it was our biggest problem.
So Zach, John, Kyle & Todd (from the Warehouse)
took a circular saw & sledge hammer to it!
And had fun doing it!

Reducing it to this.
Twirling, like in You've Got Mail!:)
It's Just an empty shell now.Time to move on!
I will miss being in the SHADE!

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Pam said...

What a lovely tribute to Shade, but so sad as well. It's so refreshing to hear someone talk about their job in a positive light. Most people just complain. I'm so sorry that your store closed. Chin up and best of luck.