Friday, April 22, 2011

Impromptu Family Photo Shoot

Well, my husband John is finding himself once again in need of updating his Resume'. And he needed updated Family photos to put in it. It's been a couple of years & the kids are much bigger now. (Hopefully I am not!) :) My manager asked me last week to switch days with her, so I found myself with an unexpected Saturday off. So we decided, spur of the moment, to take advantage of it & get some pictures.

A Cool Look on the Basics:
The Fam.

Just the Two of Us!

The Kidos.
We have a couple of really nice parks around here we thought of going to, but this is Arizona. And even though it is only April, we're pushing 90 degrees here & we didn't want our Family pictures with all of us squinting in the sun. So John suggested we go to the Parking Garage where we took some of Zach's Senior Pictures at. Good idea!

The Wall:


Baby Birds.

Chirping! :)

With the location decided I thought instead of trying to coordinate all our outfits to match (hard to do with 6 people!) the easier thing to do was have us all wear Jeans and a solid color top. A different color for each. Sounds simple right? Well Zach pretty much lives in Graphic Tees, he doesn't have many that are just solid, so he brought out his 3 or 4 choices. Lexi says "you can't wear the green one, I'm wearing green!" So then he tells Lexi (who of course is a Twin) "Are you gonna wear that face? You can't wear that face, Erica is wearing that face!" Haha.

Just for fun:

(Twins in Teens) yikes!

Goofing off!
(What they do best!)

So off we went armed only with a camera that has a timer & a tripod! (no photographer) And, surprisingly I think they turned out really well. We tried to see who could come up with the most ridiculous poses to do. We took some of just the parents, some of just the kids, and some all of us together. We did some with a "serious" look (no smiles) some that are "kinda serious" some "smiling" and some "LOLing!" (big laughs) Hopefully you can tell which are which! :)

On The Stairs:


John thinks we look like a band here!

The break down for the color coding is: John in Purple, Me in Champagne (Taupe? gold-ish?) Kyle in Red (and notice he threw in his "murse"! (Man Purse!) haha he's cool like that!) Zach in Brown, Erica in Pink (shocker!) & Lexi in Green! Enjoy.

That's all she wrote!

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