Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An Open Letter To Donald Trump

Dear Mr. Trump,

I am a big fan. I have not missed a single season of The Apprentice, or Celebrity Apprentice, since it's inception. I'm writing this letter to talk to you about your Political aspirations. First of all I must touch on the subject that seems to be the only thing you are willing to talk about these days. Birth Certificates. I am a Mother of four great kids. Two of them were born in the fifth largest city in the United States, Phoenix, Arizona. The other two were born in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. All four of their Birth Certificates say "Certificate of Live Birth" on them. That is what we were issued. And they are official. And if they ever choose to, they can run for President of this great country of ours, and would make great Presidents I must say, of that I am sure! :) What I'm not so sure of is why this is of such importance to you, regarding President Obama, who I'm not always a big fan of, but had proven a long time ago that he was born in Hawaii, which is part of the United States of America.

Speaking of documentation. If you do choose to run for President, are you willing to show all that may be needed? For instance, I don't know where you born. And wouldn't you have to show all financial documents as well. You might want to consider that before demanding others do it, if you are not willing to. Just food for thought. And not being willing to answer questions, or saying things like "none of your business" or "next question" only makes you look ignorant, which I do not think you are.

And on the subject of a Political campaign, I would much rather hear what your views are on the issues, rather than your opinion of Obama. Bad mouthing anyone, deserved or not, will not get you any votes from my household (we have four registered voters) or it sounds like most other registered voters. Smear campaigns only turn me & hopefully most people, totally off!

I would love to take this opportunity to let you know about some of the issues that are important to me. First of all is Education, why do we continue to cut the budget in the one area we can't afford to? We will pay someone with no education, who can bounce a ball, millions of dollars, yet those teaching our Children, our future leaders, get next to nothing. I manage a retail store with at least three part time employees who are teachers, or teachers aids who can no longer make it on their salary. That is appalling. Public Education should be the profession all our top graduates are vying to go into, for the pay, for the benefits & for the pay off of making a difference in the lives of students.

I think you have proven that you can run a company better than most, but does that translate into being able to run a country? I don't know. Have you ever been in the military? If not, what makes you qualified to be our Commander & Chief? There is more to being the greatest country in the world, than just what's in it for us. Making money can't be the bottom line when deciding which wars are right for us to take on. If you or someone you loved was living under a regime like in Libya or Iraq, you would pray everyday for a super power, like The United States, to come in & put an end to it. Whether or not we get anything out of it, is not the issue. We must do what is right. For all people, not just for Americans. The Bible says "to whom much is given, much is required." Are you willing to do what is required?

I live in Arizona, and some of the big issues in my state are Illegal Immigration, & Gun Control. This country of ours was founded by Immigrants. My ancestors & yours, I'm sure, came from somewhere other than America. And just because they signed a book when they landed at Ellis Island, does not mean that they left their country legally. This is the land of Opportunity & I pray it continues to be. Not just for those fortunate enough to be born here, for any who dare to dream of a better life for themselves & their families. I'm sure you can relate to & understand that. And I am all for those who wish to own firearms, to be able to do so. But, unless the reasons they choose to are not on the up & up, they should by all means be willing to endure a waiting period & undergo a background check. The Tragedy here in Tucson involving Congresswoman Gifford's, and the Virginia Tech shootings, would not have happened as they did, if that were the case. In both instances, the perpetrator, walked out of the store, the same day with guns and or ammunition. This should never be allowed.

These are just some of the issues that are important to me. I would need to know where you stand on them & which issues are important to you, before ever even considering to give you my vote. If this is all just a publicity stunt, then way to go! More power to you. If you are seriously considering a run for political office you probably need to stop ranting on & on about unimportant things. (Maybe you've been hanging out with Gary Busey too much as of late!) :) It reminds me of that old saying: Put up or shut up! (I can't believe I just said that to you) (or the pretend you, since the actual you, will never actually read this! But just getting it off my chest makes me feel better.) :) Just let us know when you make up your mind. Until that time, I will continue to watch your show, and route for my favorites to win! I'll let you know when the time comes if that can include you in a presidential race. But as it stands right now, like I've heard you say many of times in your board room; you've got to defend yourself. Let us know why we should fire someone else & keep you.




Debbie said...

Way to go, Star!!! My mom keeps saying she would vote for Trump (she's going to be 92, so I chalk it up to her age!) because he seems to have done well. She doesn't seem to understand the big picture. Running a country is a whole lot different than running a company. Someone once said, "A leader is usually not the smartest or one with the most talent, a good leader surrounds themselves with people who are smarter and more talented than they are. I believe that is what Trump has done. The interview that he did w/Stephanopoulos was downright embarrassing on Trumps part! George did a great job of keeping a straight face! I think I probably would have said "Really, Donald, really???" I know he wouldn't get my vote!

Judy Rogers-Camel said...

Good for you Star! Hubby and I too have always been a fan of the Apprentice and shown Mr. Trump the respect he deserves, regardless of our differences in political views. I must say, for myself, that he has "turned me off" behind the whole Obama birth certficate issue. And the more he speaks, it seems to be getting worse. I think a "racist" is a stretch. I don't ever want to believe that is true of Mr. Trump. But, perhaps he is. There are "closet" racists everywhere! I am sorry Mr. Trump, but YOU'RE FIRED before YOU'RE HIRED in my book, for running my country that is! I will, however, continue to watch your show :)