Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Eighth Grade Graduation Photo Shoot

My Baby Girls are Eighth Grade Grads! 
I don't think I'm ready for High School! 
But, the girls sure are!

Like I did with both my Boys when they Graduated from Eighth Grade, 
I took them to a local park & had a Photo shoot 
to commemorate the occasion. 
As you know, I like to take pictures,
yes, I was the photographer!
I even got paid for my photography:
We found a pair of Coach Sunglasses in the park! 
Erica looked them up on line & they cost $158.00! Score! :)

Erica Starr



Alexia Jewell



We took the girls' BFF Brianna too!  

We told the girls, now if you're getting pictures taken together, 
you will have to stay friends for the rest of your lives! 
 They said: We were already planning on it! Duh! :) 


My best camera, is the old fashioned kind. 
You know, that actually uses real film! 
(Yes they still make those)
 But when we had the 5 rolls of film developed,
they said "That will be $78.00!"
 $78.00, for 5 rolls of film?!
 Guess the whole world is going digital!
So, unless you have your own dark room & can develop your own pictures, 
you have to go digital!
So, we will be buying a better digital camera! :) 

I saw this saying the other day on a Greeting card at work:
and it has become one of my favorites! 

"Here's to Good Women!
 May we Be them! 
May we Know them!
May we Raise them!"

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Lori ~ LL-K said...

They turned out FABULOUS!!! and John better find the gun ~ the boys will be after them!! The don't look like little girls anymore!!!