Wednesday, June 5, 2013

First Concerts Part 2!!

You may recall my Blog Post: First Concerts Part 1! Where one of my Daughters, Lexi, got to attend her very first real concert. I also shared in that Blog post about my first Concert as well. And if you'd like to read about my Husbands first Concert experience click here. Well, it's now her Twin Sisters turn for her first concert . . .

Yes, my little girl is Taylor Swift obsessed! She has loved her as long as she's been singing! We have all her albums. And below is just a partial account of Erica's Taylor Swift Collection! :)

She knew Taylor Swift was coming to Phoenix in Concert this year & that tickets to that concert was ALL she wanted for Christmas! If you know anything about the Taylor Swift Concerts, you know that they sell out in just seconds! John & I both had to work the day they went on sale, so I enlisted the help of my son, Kyle to get up early & be on the computer that morning. And he got the tickets! Not thinking we'd be able to get tickets, let alone be able to afford them, Erica actually screamed when she opened them on Christmas! 

She's been counting down the days ever since! She started months ago coming up with ideas for a Poster for the Concert. And then executing those ideas, using Glow in the Dark paint, glitter, ribbon & mini Red Solo Cups for a 3D effect!

The Poster actually glowed in the dark! It came home from the Concert, wrinkled, dirty & missing most of the Cups! I think it had a good time! :)

We found a Taylor Swift "Red" T-shirt at Target (on clearance! Score!) she likes to get big shirts & cut them up in cute styles! My girls are creative that way & they didn't get that from me! 

Erica was so excited for the Concert! It was held at Arena, Taylor played here for two nights. Her date for her first Concert was her older Brother, Kyle. She is "Fifteen" & He is "22" the names of 2 of Taylor Swifts songs! :) And no matter how you feel about Taylor Swift,  you have to admit she is an Amazing song writer! They went early in the afternoon, to spend the day at the arena. True Fans!

Her opening act was Ed Sheeran. A newer artist from the UK. He has a duet with Taylor on her new Album. And one of the best music videos I've seen in a very long time is Ed Sheeran's Lego House! Check it out sometime. 

Their seats were in the second Balcony, but being a Hockey Stadium, it's pretty steep & you can see pretty well form any seats in the house. But then Kyle's new girlfriend, Katie, is a Nurse & just happened to get called off work the day of the concert. So unbeknownst to Kyle she & a friend of hers managed to score tickets the day of the concert. (I don't even want to know what those tickets cost!) :0 She sneaks up behind them in their seats & surprises them. Then Exchanges tickets with them so Erica can sit closer! 

So, now their in the first Balcony, right above the floor! (Katie, when I thanked her, tells me the seats she took from Kyle & Erica were good as well! Don't know if I believe her on that!) :) Taylor Swift puts on quite a show! She's not Entertainer of the Year for nothing! 

And as she always likes to do, to get close to her fans, she came up onto another stage out in the crowd! Well, Erica & Kyle happen to now be sitting 5 rows away from that little stage! And she just didn't do 1 song there, no she did like 4! Including the Duet with Ed Sheeran. 

I can't begin to tell you how excited Erica was to be that close to her idol! All these pictures of the Concert were actually taken on Kyle's iPhone! They were really that close! Erica said Taylor Swift made eye contact with her & looked at her Poster & smiled! 

So in honor of both my girls getting to go to their very first concerts this month. I found a picture of both of their favorite singers, Hayley Williams of the Band Paramore & Taylor Swift, singing together! :) I guess with Twins, everything does really go together! :)

So all & all, like her Sister Lexi, I'd say this was a pretty successful & memorable first concert experience for Erica, wouldn't you?! And I've always thought that one of our main jobs as a parent is to build Great Memories for our kids, to carry with them throughout their life time! 


Saving For Someday said...

Star, what a great write-up. My husband took our daughter to the Taylor Swift concert too, her first as well. It's amazing how important these 1st really are. Thanks for sharing this!

Katy @ Experienced Bad Mom said...

Hi, Star! Visiting from Sharefest. My 6yo loves Taylor Swift -- I'll just have to wait a few more years before it's probably her first concert. I live in Michigan now, but attended high school in Phoenix and went to my first concert (Rick Springfield!) at ASU. :)

Cupcakes and Cutlery said...

I love these first concert posts!! I'm talking about my first concert experience a bit in a post going up on Monday. :) I'm so glad your girls had such amazing experiences. There is something so magical about the concert experience! I hope they will always want to go see live music. Except now that I am 36, I wish they started and ended a little earlier...:)