Thursday, June 13, 2013


Today is Tinkerbell's Birthday!

 No, not this one!
Though I really do like her! :)

 This one! 
Our Purebred Toy Rat Terrier!

 My Sister In Law gave her to my Girls for their 8th Birthday! 
(After asking our permission of course!) :) 
My  girls will turn 16 this year!
So Tink's been part of our Family for over 7 years now!

She's full grown at just 6 lb's. 
A lot of little dogs are real yippy, but not her, 
unless someones outside, then she's such a tough guard dog! ;)
We were never really pet people before her, 
but she is such a good dog, 
we can't imagine her not being part of our family now!
And her breed is known for longevity, 
so my girls could have her well into their college years & beyond! 
Happy Birthday Tinkerbell! And here's to Many More!

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