Monday, July 1, 2013

When The Going Gets Hot, The Hot Go To The Lake!

This past weekend, here in Arizona, we've been breaking all kinds of Heat Records. Saturday was 119 degrees! That's right. We don't play around here in the Desert! "Sunshine & Summertime" is what it's all about!

Our Good Friends Jay & Tammy invited us to go to the Lake with them. They have a nice Boat & don't mind sharing it with others! Now that's the kind of Friends to have, am I right?! :)

Like us, they have two Daughters! Our girls have been BFFs since Kindergarten!

We went to Canyon Lake. The Sun was shinning, the Water was nice & cool, the Scenery absolutely beautiful!

Erica tried her hand at Water Skiing. Only the second time in her life trying it, and . . .

She did really well! I think it's that upper body strength from throwing Shot Put & Discus! :) 

Lexi had tried Water Skiing once before & didn't take to well to it, so like me, she opted to stay on the Boat. 

We also did some "Hotdogging!" They have this blow up Hot Dog, up to 3 people can sit on & get towed by the Boat! So much fun!

John & I even gave it a try!

It was so much fun! When I wasn't screaming, I was laughing! :)

The only down side to the whole day was Tammy getting stung by a Wasp & Me getting my first ever Bee Sting! :0 At 48 years old, guess I can finally check that one off my Bucket List! ;) 

Thank you so much Jay, Tammy, Maddie & Morgan! Best day off I've had in a REALLY long time! You guys are the Best!


Bada Boom! :)

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