Thursday, June 19, 2014

I Got A New Job!

Yes, it's true! After over 5 months of job hunting, Hundreds of Resumes sent out, and over 35 Interviews! (And I am NOT exaggerating!) I'm quite the expert at it all now. I'll have to do some Blog Posts on Job Hunting to share all that I have learned! But, finally, I have been hired!

I am the new Area Merchandiser for Vanity Fair Brands Lingerie. (Fruit of the Loom is the parent company) Which basically means I go into stores like Kohl's, J.C. Penny's, and Macy's in the East Valley, and Merchandise our products. I work with the stores employees and teach them how to best show case and sell our products as well.

I will also be teaching seminars, along with my Mannequin friend, :) to groups of employees on the different styles we carry and how to properly fit our products.

It really is a fun job! I like that I'm active, going from store to store, moving fixtures and product around. Meeting different people. The job is different every day! It's part time, which is good since my girls are out of school right now. I'm so Thankful that I finally have a job and that it's one I really like and enjoy doing! Thank you so much for Praying for me and with me for my new job!

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