Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer Volunteering

My Daughter Erica heard about a Summer Volunteering program at a local Hospital at school a few months ago and decided to apply. We went to a meeting at her school to learn about it, she had to write an Essay staying why she wanted to Volunteer and what she hoped to get out of it, and if hers was chosen out of the hundreds of applicants, she would be contacted for an interview. The next step then would be a group interview with you and three others, where one out of the four would be selected.

Well, both my girls are pretty good writers and her Essay was selected. She was very nervous about being Interviewed, but having a Mom who has done nothing but Interview for Jobs the past several months, :) as well as having conducted Interviews myself, I let her know what to expect and gave her some pointers. She came home from the Interview and said "There's no way they're gonna pick me, one girl in my group has started a charity in India and has raised thousands of dollars already!" I told her, you never know what their looking for, you just might be surprised. And she was. They chose her.

She's gone through orientation and some training. She will be working in the Surgical Waiting Room, a job normally reserved for second, third or forth year Volunteers! She wants to be a Sign Language Interpreter when she's older and is hoping to have a patient or their family members she can sign with. We are so proud of our little "Volunteen!" It's going to be a good Summer!

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