Friday, January 23, 2009

What, Are You Chicken?!

Once school started back up after the holidays, I got a note from the school nurse. Informing me that my girls needed three immunizations each. They had to get them right away, or they wouldn't be allowed to stay in school! (very high drama!) Now, we've known for years that they have had ALL their shots due, up until the age of 14. But, what's happened is (at least in Arizona) new laws have past for additional shots at the age of 11. My girls are now 11.

As I'm going over this, I notice one of shots they need is the Chicken Pox vaccination. And I immediately flash back to one of the worst weeks of my life! I called the school nurse to explain. My boys both got the chicken pox when it was going around their elementary school, and brought it home . . . where I had 6 month old twins!

I remember it well. Because we were living in Michigan, and planning a trip home to Arizona to celebrate my parents 50th wedding anniversary. We were having a whole big wedding to renew their vows. And many of my family would get to see my Beautiful baby girls for the very first time.

But of course they both got the Chicken Pox! Hence the worst week of my life! Taking care of two 6 month old babies, who don't know why they are itching, or how to scratch (which is a good thing.) All they know is they are miserable! And believe me, they let me know it too!

And all this while planning a big family trip, with four children, across the country. And trying to help plan "the wedding" as well. The school nurse was surprised that I knew exactly how old the girls were when they had chicken pox, down to the very month! But the girls were very happy it got them out of one of the shots!

They were over being contagious before we left for our trip (the other passengers on our plane were thrilled to hear that as well!) But they did have "Polka Dots" still all over them to meet the family members that hadn't yet been to Michigan to see them. And in all of this, I left my dress for the wedding at home. Our church secretary had to go in my house, get the dress and overnight it to Phoenix. That cost more than the dress itself did!

I thought I'd share a picture of the girls on the day of my parents 50th wedding anniversary. All dressed up in their pink dresses. At least the dots matched!

And here is a picture of my sister and I, in our matching dresses,
with my parents at their wedding.
It turned out to be a Great Day!


Saskia said...

All the best weddings have chicken-pox-suffering babies (mine did!!)

Have a great weekend.

Saskia x

lmerie said...

Pooor babies! Of course, poor momma too!

Both my kids had chicken pox before the vaccination. I have had to get notes from the Doctor in order for my kids to remain in school without the vaccine.

And I think I should be getting a vaccination notice for my 12 year old soon - I think they now have to have maybe a menangitis or hepatitus shot. hmmmm :)

Karen (KayKay) said...

Poor babies. They were precious even with spots. My three children got chicken pox one.after.the.other. I thought it would never end. We also flew while the last one was still spotted, but not contagious. After we took off and were in the air a stewardess took me aside and told me that several passengers had asked if she was still contagious. She wasn't, but I've always wondered what they would have done if I had said yes. Throw us out of the plane or something?

Michele said...

Twins with pox? Oh, how did you survive that one!

And thanks so much for putting me through to Hollywood. Your comment had me rolling! :->

Charity Childs-Gevero said...

I loved to read about how you left your dress in a different state and had to have it flown in for more than the dress itself cost!


That sounds so scary! I can just husband would kill me if I ever let that happen to me!


Your little loveable and beautiful...

You and your look like twins, too!

Hey, you haven't been visiting me in a while, ever since you got featured twice in two blog orgs, you've now forgotten about me... :'( You've traded me in for another hundred bloggers... :'(

I'm sad.

Charity Childs-Gevero said...

Aaawww...thank you, Star :)

Don't worry about not having anything witty to say.

It's been a number of times now, that people have told me that they dare not comment on my blog if they haven't anything witty to say...that's so odd...I read a lot of stupid comments on other seems like people are afraid of looking stupid on my blog, something like that!

I welcome stupid comments, too. Really. Just not mean ones. Mean ones will be thrown out along with the leftover tomatoes from last week! lol! Did I just say that? Leftover tomatoes...what am I talking about? lol!

If you want me to do a training session on how to wear a scarf, maybe I can do that, at your request! :) I have to wait to take more photos with my scarf on, though, and in different situations, to do that! I'll do it once I have enough photos of me wearing my scarf different ways! :) Thanks for the request! :)

Charity Childs-Gevero said...

again...seriously...thanks for not letting 200 other bloggers take my place in your heart...sniff sniff... :)

lemonologie said...

Oh no! Poor babies! Weddings wouldn't be weddings without some memorable drama!

Happy belated SITS days!

mommy4life said...

Came over from SITS again! Man, those vaccination requirements just keep growing, don't they?