Monday, August 10, 2009

Ch . . Ch . . Changes


Well, my career isn't the only thing changing around here. I've got a new look, I cut my hair off. Sometimes you just need a change. And with naturally curly hair, it was much easier to just let it dry naturally and not have to do much with it. But, I get tired of looking at pictures of myself from say 10 or more years ago, and my hair looks exactly the same as it does now. It gets old! So, once in awhile I have to alter it. I haven't had really short hair since I was pregnant with my girls (who are now gonna be turning 12) I was due.

My niece Andrea cut our hair!


My girls are also changing. Starting 6th grade. We could no longer shop for their back to school clothes in the girls department. We've been forced to move up into the Junior Department. And let me tell you it's a scary place. They had to have "Skinny Jeans"! I guess that is the Jordache of this generation! :) Another must have is Peace signs, on everything! It never ceases to amaze me that "everything old is new again". They had their new back to school outfits picked out for the entire first week of school. They could not wait to go back to school. And on the first day of 6th grade, Lexi got "asked out" by a boy. I'm thinking all girls school! (yes, that is me screaming that you hear in the back ground!)

Lexi and Erica's First day of 6th Grade!

And, my baby boy has started his senior year of high school! No, not this again! Well I've got this whole year ahead of us. And I'm sure it will be filled with fun, good times, challenges, and adventures. And if I'm still standing at the end, hopefully we get some good Blog post's out of it as well! Stay tuned.

Zach's first day of his Senior year!

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lailani said...

Cute do! And happy firsts!