Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sister, Sister

Today is the anniversary of the day I lost my one and only sister. It's been 8 years already, but, I had her for 36 years before that. There were things that have happened and I would think I can't wait to tell Debbie . . . then remember that I can't. Or there are things I wouldn't tell anyone else except for my sister. So, I don't tell anyone, and just smile to myself, knowing how much she would have enjoyed hearing all about it!

(Debbie and I)

When I saw the preview for My Sister's Keeper, I thought: I wish I had my sister to go see that movie with, but, I don't. So last night I thought I'm gonna go see it anyway! I don't have my sister to see it with but, I do I have a couple of sisters I could take to see it. My girls really like Abigail Breslin and have been wanting to see it too. So, Erica, Lexi and I went to see it today.

(Erica and Lexi)

I knew it would be sad. But, I thought what better day than today to have a good cry. I loved the movie! It was so good. And yes, I cried some, (not as much as the lady next to me!) the girls didn't cry but they did really like the movie. I'm so glad we went. And I'm glad we went today!

I'll leave you with one of the closing lines of the film:
"What's important is that I had a sister.
And she was fantastic."

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Charity Joy Bell Childs said...

That is so sad, Star...I didn't know about your sister like that... :(

Your daughters are so beautiful, and they look a lot like you, too! :)