Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Next Generation Of Worship Leaders

A few weeks ago John had our Youth Worship Band help him in leading Worship in "Big Church!" Over the summer months he tries to give his regular team some Sunday's off, and to give different people the opportunity to share their gifts with the church as well.

Rocking the House!

The Girls: Olivia and Meghan

He's always been a big proponent to raising up young people. Inspiring their gifts and talents God has blessed them with, and teaching them the difference between performing and actually leading people in Worship. (trust me, there is a huge difference) He often says he would rather work with someone who has a heart for God (not someone who just wants to be on stage) than even the most talented person. And if someone has a heart after God, and can develop their God-given talents, all the more better!

Father and Son team! John and Zach
With Ryan rocking the Bass

Kyle on the Drums

Our Youth band did such a great job! I was so proud of all of them. Zach lead some of the songs along with John, and played guitar. Kyle played the drums. Olivia (Kyle's girlfriend) lead some of the songs, and played guitar. Meghan Miller lead a song and played the keyboard, and Ryan Slater played the bass. They were nervous singing and playing in front of over 500 people. But, they did such a great job! I wanted to share it with you, so you can listen to some of their songs here. I know you'll enjoy it.

As John said it that morning: One old guy and a bunch of young people!
Left to Right: Ryan, Meghan, John, Zach, Olivia and Kyle

Musicians being, well, Musicians!


John said...

Thought you said there was an "old" guy up there...I don't see him anywhere. :)

Shane Sanchez said...

Great to see! Proud of all of them. Especially John for being able to keep up.

Charity Joy Bell Childs said...

I remember we went to a Baptist church once...one which had a drumset encased in unbreakable glass, like the one Kyle is playing on.

The preacher jokingly said "See, we have to protect the drummer behind walls like this, so the old-time believers won't stone him!"

I hope nobody's trying to stone Kyle! :)

Star Forbis said...

Haha Charity! I like that. The drum cage is so the sound guy can control how loud the drums are in the mix, otherwise people might just be ready to stone him!

stefanie said...

Ha, ours is a Baptist church and the drums are behind plexiglass. I did wonder about the cage!

So encouraging to see young people serve.

Melissa said...

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! Thanks for leaving a comment. I like your input. I love when people photoblog and so Im glad to see all the pictures on your page!