Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Beauty And The Beast

And no, I'm not talking about John and I! (Though I could be! haha)
I took my girls to see the Musical Beauty and the Beast. It was so much fun. We really liked it. It was playing at a great local theater here. Hale Center Theater. Kyle and Olivia also went to see it.

Lexi, Erica and Me
The real Beauty and The Beast: Olivia and Kyle

I love all things Broadway, and try to instill that in my kids. Kyle has definitely caught the Broadway bug, (He and I saw Wicked last month, we've also seen Your A Good Man Charlie Brown) Zach not so much, (he did see The Phantom of the Opera with us when we were in New York last summer, and actually liked it much more than he thought he would!) and I think the girls are loving it too. Last year a girl from our Youth group at Church was in a local production of Aladdin, and the girls and I went to see her in it!

"There must be more than this provential life!"
Speaking of Broadway, Le Miserables is my all time favorite Broadway show, I've seen it twice! I also have seen and love Romeo & Juliet, The Pirates of Penzance, and some others. When we were youth Pastors if any of our kids were in their High School plays, I always went. So, I've seen many High School productions as well. I have the movies of Mama Mia, Hairspray, Chicago and Rent, but haven't seen the actual plays. (yet!) :)

"And when we touched, she didn't shudder at my paw!"
But, back to Beauty and The Beast: Being a girl, and a mom of girls, I love Fairytale's, and all things Disney as well. The Disney Channel is on at our house what sometimes feels like 24/7! I've seen just about every Disney movie ever made I think. And I have to say Beauty and The Beast is one of the best. Great story, great music in it.

I loved the characters of the Candlestick and the feather duster!
"Ooh La La!"
And Belle is my absolute favorite Disney Princess! Here's why:
1. She's Brunette! (Like me and my daughters.) And I must say "Way to go Disney!", in their new movie The Princess And The Frog, the princess is black, and it's about time! (You don't have to be blond to be a princess!)
2. She loves to read! And loves Books! (Just like me again!)
3. She doesn't go for a guy who's just good looking and popular!
4. She looks deeper into people, behind their appearance, and sees what's on the inside.
5. And she brings out the best in people!

All in all, Belle is a good role model for our daughters. (and yes, I do know that she's not a real person!) :)

The girls pose with Belle and The Prince/Beast after the show

Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme . . .


Nancy said...

Beauty & The Beast IS the best of the Disney movies!
Now to my observations:
1. Those can't be your girls -- they should still be little girls, not young ladies.
2. Did you ever wonder why Belle is not blond? I've always thought it was because Disney wanted to avoid the "dumb blond" debate.
3. I love your comment "All in all, Belle is a good role model for our daughters. (and yes, I do know that she's not a real person!) :)" THEN the next picture is of the girls and a real life Belle. (smile)
4. Wouldn't life be more fun if we could just break out in song and dance whenever and wherever ....

Karen (KayKay) said...

What a great time! We love theater also and have a great local one that we go to fairly regularly. They showed Beauty and the Beast last Christmas, I believe. It was wonderful! I agree, Belle is a great role model.

Michele said...

I was reading your faves about Belle, thinking, "yes, Star *is* like Belle!" ...and then
3. She doesn't go for a guy who's just good looking and popular! -- I was curious why there wasn't a parenthetical statement after that comment??? Shock...dismay...is this where the comparison ends?

Martha said...

I saw Beauty and The Beast many years ago with my sister-in-love, Priscilla, and a group of her friends. We loved it until Beast became the Prince. The actor was not that great looking, and we all thought he should have left his mask on!!! LOL

C said...

Star! I was just noticing that! Disney finally has a black princess! But then...she's a frog for most of the movie...so I don't know what to think about that...

I don't like blondes. I'm hair-racist! ha! so just eat me! ha!