Friday, September 16, 2011

LOL No More!

If you know me, you know I love to Laugh! We do a lot of Laughing in this family! (Hence the name of my Blog!) When I get overly tired I can become slap-happy. That's when my kids love to try to get me Laughing so hard to see if they can make me cry. It becomes a family game (at my expense) they have threatened to video tape me Cry/Laughing to send into America's Funniest Home Videos, they are sure we can win big money!

My girls, who are now 13 years old & easily embarrassed by their Parents (or just about anything else!) :) Have told me I can no longer type LOL, I have to start using L2L! Because I "Laugh Too Loud!" :) And I have to be honest here, I do Laugh kinda Loud! (But, I think it's kind of endearing!) So if something happens & I Laugh Out Loud, they say "Mom, L2L!" And then it makes us all Laugh even harder! It's gotten me a few funny looks, but It's never really gotten me into trouble before, that all changed this past Sunday.

Our Pastor was gone for the day so my Husband was speaking at our Church, in all 3 services. (2 Sunday morning, which are the same sermon & 1 Sunday evening, which is a different message.) And he did an Awesome job! Well in his Sunday evening message he was being funny (I mean come on, would I really Marry someone without a sense of Humor? This is me we're talking about!) and he made a joke about himself, in a kind of self depreciating way, about how good looking he is. So, me, being the devoted wife that I am, who always laughs at her husbands jokes, Laughed!

Well, you see the issue here, (remember, I Laugh rather Loudly.) It really wasn't a big deal at all, until my Husband then pointed out to the congregation; "Did you notice the first & biggest laugh I got on that joke was from my own wife?!" which sent the entire Church into Laughter! Busted! Now, don't get me wrong, even though he doesn't believe it, I think my husband is the sexiest man alive, but it was funny to hear him joke about being so good looking! It was funny. So I did what I do . . . I L2L'd! :)

Have you ever Laughed at the wrong time? Share it in a comment so we can all Laugh with you! (Or at you!) HaHa!! Well they say that Laughter is the Best Medicine! So we should be pretty healthy!


Judy Rogers-Camel said...


Funny tho, in school you were so shy and so quiet, ALWAYS SWEET as pie though, it's hard for me to see you as an L2L'er...

Star Forbis said...

My Fellow L2Ler! (Love that!)

In my Youth Group when I was a Teenager, we had to choose what animal would be most like each of us & they said I was most like a Hyena because of my laugh!

I was quiet in High School, guess I didn't show enough of myself back then. But, I'm making up for it now! :)