Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Non Fiction

As you know, I love Books. I read (almost exclusively) Fiction. With a few Parenting, Political, Self Help, and Christian Growth books thrown in for good measure. I do like Biographies & Auto Biographies from time to time as well, if they are about someone I'm interested in reading about.

In school this year, (Eighth Grade) my girls, instead of having the Accelerated Reading program, where you read a book of your choice & take a quiz on the computer about the book to earn points, have to do old fashioned Book reports! I Love it! And I must say so do they!

Each month they get to choose a book in the category given. The Teacher approves the book, they read it & then follow a format for a report on it. This month was Non Fiction. I pulled out some I have for them to choose from. Here are their choices;

Erica chose Soul Surfer
A great Movie too if you haven't seen it yet, What are you waiting for?!

Lexi chose She Said Yes
A Book about one of the Students killed in the Columbine shooting
who stood up for her Faith.

With Boarders going out of Business (so sad!) we went to our local store a few times to take advantage of the great deals. Browsing through the Non Fiction section a Book caught my eye, & I decided to read a Non Fiction book along with my daughters! (So unlike me I know! But I think you'll understand when I tell you about this Book!)

Summer At Tiffany By: Marjorie Hart is about two Best Friends from The University of Iowa, who, in the summer of 1945 decide to go to New York City & try to get jobs for the summer. They end up becoming the first two Female pages on the sales floor at Tiffany & Co! Talk about a cool summer job! They are even in Times Square on V-Day, when the end of World War II is announced. One of my favorite lines from the Book is "Money may not buy Happiness, but it sure takes you shopping." :)
I had just finished this book & then yesterday (thanks to Twitter) I learned that it is the 50th Anniversary of Breakfast At Tiffany's. That iconic Movie staring Audrey Hepburn. (Love her!) The song: Moon River was made popular by Breakfast At Tiffany's too BTW.

I also made sure to stop by the fabled store when I visited New York City a few years ago! It was everything it was cracked up to be too! (And notice I'm donning my Breakfast At Tiffany's T-shirt!) :)

And you can tell my boys were just as thrilled to be there as I was . . .

Okay, maybe not. But I'm sure they will thank me someday! :)

I really enjoyed this book. Even more than I thought I would. What are some of your favorite Non Fiction Books?

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