Saturday, March 17, 2012

Salvaging Spring Break

It's been so nice to have a whole week off work, but this hasn't been the fun Spring Break we had planned, having lost my Mom, we had to plan & have a Viewing & Funeral this week, as well as going through some of her stuff. Not the best of Spring Breaks for Teenagers!

But we made the most of it; The Arizona Aloha Festival was going on & we were able to get there to see some of our friends we used to Hula with perform. It's a tradition we do every year, and it's a great way to spend a day. Something all of us love to do. My girls also got together with a friend they used to go to Church with, that they haven't seen in a long time, & spent the day hanging out at the Mall & going to see the Movie The Lorax! They really had a good time & liked the Movie BTW.

Zach's Girlfriend, Kendra, came down to stay with us for a few days & we spent a day at The Phoenix Zoo. We had great weather, the sun was shinning, the temp was in the 80s! My Brother Marty, who was off work all week as well & his son, Nathaniel who was home from College came with us, as well as my Husbands Niece, Heather, her husband Neill & son Austin, who were here from New Mexico. We had a great time. A day in the sun was just what we needed!

The King of the Jungle!

Looking good in stripes!

One of these is my Son, Kyle, one is not!


Monkey Village!
One of my favorite places at the Zoo.

Getting up close & personal!

My all time favorite animal: the Flamingo!
If I had to be an Animal it would be a Flamingo,
I would live on the Beach & I look good in Pink! :)

I gave Erica my camera & told her to get a shot
of me on the bridge with the Flamingo's behind me . . .
this is what I got! :)

So, I had to get one of them.
Erica didn't want to be in it! :)

Zach & Kendra looking cute!
Enjoying the day & each other!

But of course the Big Brother & Cousin can't let them have their moment!

Zach & Kendra looking out on the animals,
then Kyle, Marty & Nathaniel have to join in! :)

All the kids going on a Safari!

Birds of a Feather!
(Just like us!)

Austin & Lexi coming soon to a Zoo near you!

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