Sunday, December 14, 2014

Live, Love, Lace (or How to Dye Lace)

We had been looking and looking, and looking for Dresses for the girls to wear to their brothers Wedding. We wanted Lace and we wanted Yellow!! Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong! We found nothing in yellow! Now  I guess yellow is more of a Spring color, and being the Wedding was in October we were having a very difficult time!

I finally came across a couple of lace dresses I thought my girls would like on Clearance at Kohl's. I held them up to my Husband and asked what he thought, he pointed to one and said "That looks like Lexi!", then pointed to the other one and said "That looks like Erica!" So we sent them pictures and sure enough one said "I like the first one!" and the other one said "I want the one in the second picture!" Just like we suspected! :)

The only problem was the dresses were Ivory! So I thought since you can find just about anything on Pinterest, I would look up how to dye Lace Dresses and dye them ourselves since we couldn't find our color! And the Dresses were only $8.00 & $9.00 so even if I ruined them, it wouldn't be too big of a loss! :)

I'm not very crafty, but my girls are! So we bought the Rit Dye at Michaels and read a couple of posts from people who had dyed lace. It was pretty simple. You add the Dye to water in a bucket, put the dresses in, and wait a few minutes. It was easy and really didn't take long at all!

One dress had thinner lace and the lining dyed lighter than the lace, but we really liked how that looked! They both turned out Great! And the girls looked really Beautiful! Who knew it was so easy to change the color of a dress?! And if I can do it, anyone can! :)

For their Birthday, the girls got some Clothes from YouTuber & clothing designer whom they love, Bethany Mota, at Aeropostale and they came with free bags! Cool! But, Lexi doesn't "do Pink" since that has always been Erica's color! :0 (It's a Twin thing!) So she decided to use the rest of our yellow dye and see what it would do to her bag!

Totally Cute! It went from White & Pink to Yellow & Red! Dying material is really easy! And as you can see it turns out really great! Not one person came up to us at the Wedding to ask if we had dyed their dresses! :) And now I'm seeing lots of Yellow Lace Dresses in the stores! I think we started the trend! :)

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