Monday, December 19, 2011

The 12 Days Of Christmas Movies: Christmas With The Kranks

Yes, we are going from the Griswolds to the Kranks! :)

The Movie Christmas With The Kranks is based on the Book Skipping Christmas by: John Grisham. Not Grisham's usual fare, but a good book none the less. And the Movie sticks really close to the Book. Probably closer than any other Book turned Movie I know of!

Luther & Nora's only Daughter joins the Peace Core, I think it is. And since she won't be home for Christmas they decide to take a Cruise to a tropical destination & skip Christmas all together.

Spike: You're skipping Christmas!
Isn't that against the Law?

The towns people try everything in their power, from sympathy to threats, to change their minds, to no avail.

Blair: I'm bringing home Enrique'!
Luther: What's a Reeke'?

But then a change of plans leads to all kinds of Chaos! Last minuet Party planning, decorating and shopping lends to a lot of Laughter!

Luther: What happened to the hickory honey ham?
Nora: Don't EVER say hickory honey ham again!

I have thought I'd like to just skip Christmas this year myself. Get right to the New Year & new season of our life. But Christmas isn't just about the amount of money you can spend or how many gifts you can give (or get!) But about celebrating another year together. It's about being with the ones you love. And that too is what the Kranks have to learn.

Luther: Skipping Christmas, what a stupid Idea!
Nora: Maybe next year.

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