Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Creative

My Daughter Lexi had seen a tiny Christmas Tree on sale for Black Friday, she really wanted to get it & put it in their room. Since money is tight right now, she didn't want to ask us for it so she took what little money she had & literally scrounged around the house, even finding pennies to roll to get enough money for this little tree. We went to Target to get it & she said do you think the cashier will be mad I'm paying with ones, a dollar coin & rolled pennies. Our cashier was a young guy & in all my Motherly wisdom, I told her, Nope, he'll think you're cute! And who was right? (as always!) Me! She said sorry to him & he said "no problem, I do it all the time too, and my register was getting low in pennies." :) Then when I stepped up he said "Are you paying with penny rolls too? :) I wasn't.

She took her tree home & we had set aside some of our small ornaments as we were decorating our Christmas tree for her little tree. And she asked me for some of the pearls we put on our tree every year. She found an Angel she had for the tree topper. It looks so cute in the girls' room. Now they sleep under Christmas lights every night!

And Erica, who is very crafty wanted to make a wreath for our front door. She found pinecones & went with a Music theme. Using some musical notes & instrument ornaments that we had. It is so cute. We love it! Zach came home one night & said "You guys bought a Wreath! I like it!" and was surprised to learn Erica had made it!

Yes, my girls come by their Love of Christmas honestly. They are after all my daughters. But this craftiness does not come from me. (Maybe it skips a generation) But, I'm sure glad they have it. And I love reaping the benefits of it!

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