Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

As you know, I Love all things Broadway! I've seen, I'm sure, over 20 shows in my 40+ years. :) But, my Ultimate Favorite Broadway Show of all time, is by far, Les Miserables. I've seen it twice!

And yes, Today, Christmas Day, is my Birthday! And the day Les Mis, the Movie was to Premier! I was so Excited! All I wanted for my Birthday was for my Family all to go with me to see the Movie!

We've never before gone to the Movies on Christmas Day. A co-worker of mine, who used to work at a Theater told me Christmas Day was one of the Busiest days of the year! (Who Knew?) And the earlier we could go the better. Good to know! 

My son, Kyle got me the Movie Soundtrack for my Birthday as well. My kids have never seen the Play, (yet!) but they knew the Music. (They are after all, my kids!) :)


We went to the 11am showing. We got there early and the Theater was pretty full! By the time it started, it was really full! But when we came out, the Place was packed, with long lines waiting to get in to see it! So glad we went early!

A Manager there took a picture of us in front of the Movie Poster and wished me Happy Birthday! :) I am truly Blessed with my Family. And what a great Birthday!


The Movie was so good. With a Great cast. I knew the others could sing, but was really impressed with Russel Crow. There's a lot of Oscar Buzz already, and I really Hope Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman, along with the Movie as a whole win big!

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