Sunday, December 9, 2012

Give Me Five! Favorite Christmas Movies!

As I'm sure you all know I am a Christmas Junkie! I LOVE all things Christmas! My Hubby even made my Give Me Five Logo Christmasy for me! :)

Christmas Movies are the Best Movies! So this was painstakingly hard for me to try to pick my top 5 favorite Christmas Movies! The first 3 I knew right away, but then I have at least 6 others I had to try to narrow down to fill my last 2 spots!

1. Sleepless In Seattle
Is not only my Favorite Christmas Movie, 
but is my Favorite Movie of all time! 

2. It's A Wonderful Life
 Probably The Best Christmas Movie EVER made!

3. The Family Man
Very Sentimental for me
as it's the last Movie I ever saw in the Theater with my Sister
before she went to Heaven. 


 4. How The Grinch Stole Christmas
A Childhood favorite brought to life!

5. Jingle All The Way
Reminds me of when my Boys were little
and we ran all over looking for just the right Poser Rangers! :) 

Favorite Animated Christmas Movie: 
Santa Claus Is Comin to Town

Honorable mentions, I had a hard time not choosing, because I love them all as well: The Santa Clause, Serendipity, The Family Stone, White Christmas, Elf, A Charlie Brown Christmas, The Holiday, The Polar Express, and the Movie we probably quote more than any other: A Christmas Story! :) And just to prove my love of Christmas Movies, in years past I did The 12 Days Of Christmas Movies here on the Blog. You can see those by clicking here and here. What are your families Favorite Christmas Movies you watch year after year? 

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Unknown said...

My favorite Christmas movie is definitely White Christmas. I watch it several times every December (my favorite month) and cry every time the General walks in the banquet hall.
There are several other favorites but your #4 is also one of my faves due to sentimental reasons....we saw it in the theater with YOU when we last celebrated Thanksgiving together. What a great vacation that was!!!
Thanks for making memories with us and thanks for your 'Give Me Five!' series, Starlet*
Love ya,